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16 July 2018 » New paper in Limnologica. We’ve just had a paper accepted in Limnologica on: Dispersal capacity and broad-scale landscape structure shape benthic invertebrate communities along stream networks. Thanks to Fengqing for leading this!

14 July 2018 » New paper in Conservation Biology. We’ve just had a paper accepted in Conservation Biology on: Diverging response patterns of terrestrial and aquatic species to hydromorphological restoration. Thanks to Francesca for leading this!

8 June 2018 » Great week at SFS. I recently attended the annual Society for Freshwater Science meeting in Detroit. I’m really excited by how well the two special sessions I co-led went. One was on “Emerging Approaches to Modeling Population and Community Dynamics in Fresh Waters” (co-leads: Albert Ruhi, Julian Olden and Dave Lytle) and the other was on “Dams, big data, and meta-analyses” (led by Erin Abernethy). Thanks to all the presenters and those that attended the sessions!

14 May 2018 » Paper accepted in PeerJ. Happy to have just had a paper accepted for publication in PeerJ looking at latitudinal variation in metacommunity structure in New Zealand stream invertebrates. More details soon.

12 May 2018 » Off to NCEAS in Santa Barbara. I’m heading to NCEAS (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) in Santa Barbara for an exciting week of discussions on long-term metacommunity synthesis.

22 Apr 2018 » Special issue on river network metacommunities. I recently edited a special issue in Freshwater Biology with Florian Altermatt and Jani Heino on metacommunities in river networks. You can find the special issue here, our editorial here, and our review of dispersal in river networks here. You can find pdfs here.

21 Apr 2018 » Redesign of site = more news. I’ve just redesigned my site to enable easier dissemination of news, so expect a lot more updates from now on. Also, I’m moving any blog posts back here to keep it all centralised.

10 Apr 2018 » New paper. We just published a paper in Science of the Total Environment showing that preceding year climatic conditions outweigh long-term climatic trends on stream invertebrate communities in Europe.

10 Feb 2018 » New paper on EBVs. We’ve just published a paper on linking essential biodiversity variables (EBVs) and ecological integrity for the next generation of site-based long-term ecological monitoring at Science of the Total Environment. I hope this thinking gets implemented in LTER. This is something I started back when I worked at Senckenberg in Germany so it’s great to see it out! Thanks to co-leads, Peter and Stefan, as well as all co-authors.

24 Jan 2018 » New paper in Nature Ecology and Evolution. Very excited to have a new paper out in Nature Ecology and Evolution on ecological networks in uncertain futures. Find a short overview here and a full ‘behind the paper’ writeup here. Thanks to my coauthors Dave, Dave, Julian and Lindsay! PDF here.

24 Jan 2018 » New paper in Ecology Letters recommended on f1000. We recently published a paper in Ecology Letters where we develop a model to explore the countervailing effects of disturbance on population dynamics. In this paper, we derived a novel form of the logistic growth equation that permits time-varying carrying capacity and growth rate. Find the f1000 recommendation here. Thanks Laura, Dave and Patrick! PDF here.


23 Jun 2017 » Joining Freshwater Biology Editorial Board. I’m very excited to announce that I have recently joined the Editorial Board of Freshwater Biology. I’ve always thought of Freshwater Biology as the flagship freshwater specific journal, so I’m super excited and honoured by the opportunity to be a part of the team there.

12 Jun 2017 » Featured on the SFS Making Waves podcast. I was recently featured on the Society for Freshwater Science’s Making Waves podcast. This was a really great opportunity to share some recent research of ours, including our paper on seasonality and some of our recent population modeling work. You can find the podcast here.

26 Apr 2017 » New paper in Ecology. We have a new paper out in Ecology. This deals with the role of seasonality and predictability in environmental fluctuations on temporal species diversity. We show that understanding the role of seasonality in regulating biodiversity is not complete without and understanding of its predictability. We developed a framework for examining these aspects by combining wavelets and information theory. Thanks to my excellent co-authors (Mike, Nuria, Blanca, and Dave) for making this a great experience. I will write a brief blog post on this soon. PDF here.

25 Apr 2017 » Multiple new papers published. I’ve done a pretty poor job of keeping my publications up to date on here in the past year. In this time, I’ve published a bunch of new papers that you can find by going over to the publications page. These include work from my previous postdoc in Germany looking at scale dependent effects of river habitat quality on benthic invertebrate communities (see blog post), the time that restoration takes to work in streams, biodiversity in tropical streams, metacommunities in Himalayan streams, and fish responses to restoration.


18 Feb 2016 » New paper. Our new article looking at context-dependency of biodiversity patterns in central German stream metacommunities is now online at Freshwater Biology here. You can also find the pdf here.

18 Jan 2016 » New paper. Our new article looking at the Elements of Metacommunity Structure is now online at Ecological Complexity here. You can also find the pdf here.


23 Nov 2015 » New paper. Our new article looking at European latitudinal patterns and environmental determinants of stream insect richness is now online at Limnologica here. You can also find the pdf here.

21 Oct 2015 » New paper. Our paper looking at concordance of richness and community structure of benthic invertebrates, riparian spiders and riparian carabids is now online at Ecological Indicators here. You can also find the pdf here.

21 Oct 2015 » New paper in Oikos. Our paper looking at metacommunity structure of benthic invertebrates, riparian spiders and riparian carabids is now online at Oikos here. You can also find the pdf here.

17 Aug 2015 » New paper online. Our paper looking at regional patterns in stream invertebrate assemblages in central Germany is now online at PLOS ONE. I upscaled the Elements of Metacommunity Structure (EMS) approach to examine regional patterns in stream invertebrate biodiversity and examined influential environmental factors using boosted regression trees. You can find the paper online here. Here’s the talk I presented at SEFS earlier in the year.

3 Aug 2015 » New paper. Our paper looking at multiple stressors in German streams is now online at Science of the Total Environment. You can also find the pdf here. This was a project led by a PhD student in our group, Moritz Leps, who did a great job of handling such a complex dataset (1018 river sites) to get some meaningful insight into multiple stressors in these river systems. The focus of the work was looking at the impacts of multiple stressors, including water quality, riparian and catchment land use, and stream morphology, on riverine benthic invertebrate communities, while simultaneously considering the spatial scales of stressors and the heterogeneity of riverscapes.

19 Jul 2015 » We’re moving to the US! I’m really excited to share that in a couple of months, I’ll be moving with my family to the US. I will start a new postdoc at Oregon State University based in Corvallis, Oregon. I’ll be working with Dr. Dave Lytle in the Lytle Lab at OSU. The overall theme of the project is “Flow regimes and aquatic population modeling” with the emphasis being on exploring the ways in which climate change may affect river flows and aquatic/riparian organisms. This is a really exciting project to me and a great chance to also work with collaborators involved in the project: Dr. Julian Olden at the University of Washington and Dr. David Merritt at USFS in Fort Collins. Really looking forward to a productive and stimulating few years of exciting science.

24 Jul 2015 » Paper accepted at Oikos. We’ve just had a paper accepted at Oikos, thanks to some helpful comments from the reviewers and editors at Oikos. In this paper we examined metacommunity structure and beta diversity patterns of instream benthic invertebrates, riparian carabid beetles and riparian spiders in a river-floodplain system in central Germany. These sites belong to the Rhine-Main-Observatory LTER site on the Kinzig River, which is part of the LTER research network in Germany (LTER-D), Europe (LTER Europe) and worldwide (ILTER). Our results indicated varying levels of mass effects and species sorting shape river-floodplain metacommunities, depending on habitat connectivity (terrestrial vs. aquatic, connected vs. fragmented) and dispersal ability (active vs. passive, terrestrial vs. aquatic). Also, the patterns we observed in metacommunity structure were reflected in patterns of beta diversity and were mostly consistent over a three year period.

1 Jun 2015 » Joining PeerJ Editorial Board. I’m very excited to announce that I have recently joined the Editorial Board of PeerJ. I’m really looking forward to handling my first manuscript. This is a relatively new open access journal with a really interesting pricing plan for open access publications. Basically it’s a one-off payment of US$100 for your first publication, which allows you to publish one paper per year after that for free. For a total of US$300 you get to publish an unlimited number of papers open access for the rest of your life. My process as an author there has been super smooth, so I highly recommend PeerJ and certainly plan to continue publishing there. They also host preprints for free here. I currently have a few hosted there, which you can see on my profile page.