JonathanTonkin Ecologist

New paper out in Ecology

26 Apr 2017

We have a new paper out in Ecology. This deals with the role of seasonality and predictability in environmental fluctuations on temporal species diversity. We show that understanding the role of seasonality in regulating biodiversity is not complete without and understanding of its predictability. We developed a framework for examining these aspects by combining wavelets and information theory. Thanks to my excellent co-authors (Mike, Nuria, Blanca, and Dave) for making this a great experience. I will write a brief blog post on this soon.

Tonkin, J. D., M. T. Bogan, N. Bonada, B. Rios-Touma, and D. A. Lytle. 2017. Seasonality and predictability shape temporal species diversity. Ecology DOI:10.1002/ecy.1761.