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Multiple stressor paper now online

03 Aug 2015

Our paper looking at multiple stressors in German streams is now online at Science of the Total Environment. You can also find the pdf here.

As I previously said, this was a project led by a PhD student in our group, Moritz Leps, who did a great job of handling such a complex dataset (1018 river sites) to get some meaningful insight into multiple stressors in these river systems. The focus of the work was looking at the impacts of multiple stressors, including water quality, riparian and catchment land use, and stream morphology, on riverine benthic invertebrate communities, while simultaneously considering the spatial scales of stressors and the heterogeneity of riverscapes.

Leps, M., J. D. Tonkin, V. Dahm, D. Hering, P. Haase, and A. Sundermann. 2015. Disentangling environmental drivers of benthic invertebrate assemblages: the role of spatial scale and riverscape heterogeneity in a multiple stressor environment. Science of the Total Environment. DOI:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.07.083