JonathanTonkin Ecologist

River-floodplain metacommunities paper accepted

24 Jul 2015

We’ve just had a paper accepted for publication at Oikos, thanks to some helpful comments from the reviewers and editors at Oikos.

In this paper we examined metacommunity structure and beta diversity patterns of instream benthic invertebrates, riparian carabid beetles and riparian spiders in a river-floodplain system in central Germany. These sites belong to the Rhine-Main-Observatory LTER site on the Kinzig River, which is part of the LTER research network in Germany (LTER-D), Europe (LTER Europe) and worldwide (ILTER).

Our results indicated varying levels of mass effects and species sorting shape river-floodplain metacommunities, depending on habitat connectivity (terrestrial vs. aquatic, connected vs. fragmented) and dispersal ability (active vs. passive, terrestrial vs. aquatic). Also, the patterns we observed in metacommunity structure were reflected in patterns of beta diversity and were mostly consistent over a three year period.

Tonkin, J. D., S. Stoll, S. C. Jähnig, and P. Haase. (In press). Contrasting metacommunity structure and beta diversity in a river-floodplain system. Oikos.